Sunday, May 11, 2014

Just two days of treatment left!

Wednesday: We did not make it to treatment. Noelle's stomach was still a mess.

Thursday: We met with Dr. Oertle for our "exit" appointment. He really is wonderful. Great at explaining things and very positive. He is concerned that Noelle is not feeling better than she is, as are we. However, he continues to encourage us that many patients do not begin to feel really well until they are about a month out from treatment. He did a wonderful job of explaining further the results of Noelle's neurotransmitter test. He feels confident that balancing out her system is going to be a tremendous help. Turns out one of her lowest numbers is connected to the "fight or flight" response, which may explain her almost lethargic nature. (Obviously a lot of that is caused by how crappy she feels, but this is another piece of the puzzle.)

The decision was made to discontinue all antibiotics and just give Noelle treatments that will build her system up until we leave.

Friday: Treatment went pretty well. However, in the evening Noelle developed an extreme pain in her foot, ankle and later leg. After lots of medications she was able to get to sleep. This is very discouraging since her pain has appeared to have improved.

Saturday: Noelle slept until noon! We soon realized that although she had been able to return to sleep, her pain was not gone. After speaking with Scott I become concerned that the pain in Noelle's leg might be a blood clot. Noelle does have a blood clotting factor. We (I) decided we should go to the E.R. to get an all clear. We did go, and we did get an all clear. After being interrogated by a doctor about Noelle's Lyme treatments, pursuit of pain relief, etc. It was very frustrating. I felt like it was my fault and that I should have never mentioned it. In general we have gotten empathetic responses to Noelle's Lyme disease. Every once in a while we get someone who is not willing to entertain the chronic lyme diagnosis. Very frustrating. He did order an ultrasound of Noelle's leg so we can be pretty confident there is not a clot despite the unusual pain.

She is still in considerable pain so praying that she can get to sleep tonight and that she will be much improved in the morning.

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