Monday, May 5, 2014

She's tough!

Obviously, I totally knew how tough Noelle is. But she proved it again on Saturday. It could have been a very tough day emotionally but she made a diversion plan and we stuck to it and she did great! First she got her third tattoo. Sorry, mom.

She chose the position so that she can see it when she is praying. I am a little worried about when she turns 18. Thankfully she is broke:) Kidding, all her tattoos are very tasteful!

Next a little shopping. We made it to Sephora where she got her eye makeup done. Very smokey and beautiful. Sorry, we didn't get a good picture. Then Gap. And on to the movies.

Great movie, full of surprises! The only sad part of the evening is that by the time we returned home Noelle was in a lot of pain! When will it end:(

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