Monday, May 5, 2014

Six days of treatment left!

We did get the results of Noelle's neurotransmitter test back. We haven't actually talked to the doctor about the results yet, but it is obvious from the results that there are definitely physical reasons that Noelle struggles with her emotions. Every single neurotransmitter was outside of the desired range. Some of them were within the reference range but not within the desired range. For instance, the reference range for Serotonin is 57-306. Noelle's level was 71. Another example is Taurine. The reference range is 52-1025, Noelle's level is 63.2. Most labs and doctors prefer that results be in the middle 50% of the range. The labs that run the levels have made recommendations for specific supplements to correct her levels. She will be starting those this week.

Serotonin regulates intestinal movements, mood, appetite, etc. Taurine is essential for cardiovascular function and function of the central nervous system. Those are just two of the levels that are off. The test ran for twelve neurotransmitter levels. The doctor felt that this information was critical to Noelle's healing. It is hard not to wish that this test was run years ago!

Friday was Noelle's last IPAC (insulin) treatment. During the course of her treatment she had 13 of these treatments. That had to be very hard on Noelle's body to drop her insulin levels three times a week, give her antibiotic then raise her levels back up within about 90 minutes. I just pray that these treatments worked their magic and killed the Lyme lurking in Noelle's brain. This treatment is one of the treatments that we definitely could not get at home. I don't know where else it is available.

As we look at Noelle's last six days, all of them are "long" days with lots of medications that cause stomach upset and other side effects. Please pray that Noelle can tough it out and go each day for treatment and make it through all the treatments each day. She continues to struggle with pain and a general yucky feeling. It is discouraging many days that she is not feeling better. We do see patients that obviously improve during their treatment. It is hard not to ask why them and not her/me?

We are clinging to the doctor's vision that after she returns home and is off all of these medications her body will recover and she will fully heal! Please join us in praying for this!

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