Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Five days of treatment left!

Not a great day today. She is not feeling well at all. The usual culprits, pain and stomach upset. We did make it to treatment. She started with Zofran for nausea and a bag of fluids. Not feeling too much better she did about half of her suggested treatment plan. She made it through Oxybosh, Rocephin, Silver and Amino Acids. She skipped the Hydrogen Peroxide, EDTA (Cleation), and Zithromax because they all upset her stomach. She skipped the chiropractor and sauna because they are at the end and she feels horrible.

Finally, contacting a third party insurance biller today. Most of her treatment here is not submitted to insurance. I think only x-rays and labs are. Scott intended to take care of this but since our house has fallen apart since we have been here we decided I should start pursuing this.

Please continue to pray for Noelle today and for the insurance process. I honestly do not have much faith in our insurance company. They have a pretty specific Lyme treatment policy and we have used up all those funds. But God is good, and He has been faithful to provide for this treatment.

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